RJN Index

Note: This index is adapted from the index contained in RJN Issue 100.

Author Entries
Abbey, E. RJ tribute 74:4

Adcock, B. Notes on Tor House, prophecy, and no RJ readers 83:6

American Literature Association Panel. RJ and narrative 85:3

Barkan, P. J family 53:26

Bednar K. Czech translation 13:2; RJ in Czechoslovakia 27:8

Bender, A. Memoir 60:21

Brophy, R. Tor House Library 23:4; Dissertations 24:4; Theses 25:4; Landscape 29:11; Topography 30:13; Whitman 31:6; “Crumbs or the Loaf’ 31:8; Apocalypse 32:4; “Medea” 33:4; “Roan Stallion” 34:11; “Salmon-Fishing” 35:6; Freudian interpretation 37:4; “Night” 37:6; RJ and Eliot 38:4; Distancing 38:5; Kirwan 39:6; “Signpost” 39:10; “Second-Best” 40:7; Theses and dissertations 45:7; RJ prose checklist 46:14; RJ prose 47:5; Poet’s national role 55:43; On Apropos (Ponsold) 60:4; Meditation on Saviors 65:5; Mabel Luhan and UJ 77:25; j Country for sale 78:16; Tor 1- louse contractor 78:24; Aperitif and Moore 80:9; Note on Luhan’s “Una and Robin” 81:5; Weiner: photographer 87:3; “Medea” 87:5; Class fieldtrip 88:14; California coast 88:27; Bukowski 90:6; Astrophysics 90:13; Ecology and Tor House 91:7; Everson 93-94:1, 12; The Beginning and the End and Collected Poetry “Last Poems” 95-96:51; Henry Miller 97:21; Placenames 98-99:1; Salvador Dali party 100:1

Buffum, R. RJ tribute 44:10

Bukowski, C. Interview 29:5

Campo, A. Evetson 93-94:109

Carpenter, D. Everson 92:13

Carpenter, E RJ and “Humanity” 10:2; 15:1

Caughey, J. Letter to Governor Brown 42:16

Cerwin, H. Memoir 33:3

Chaplin, C. Memoir 37:2

Coffin, A. lnhumanism 30:6

Commins, D. “The Double Axe” 72:10

Deutsch, M. Albert Bender 60:16

Dickie, J. “The Loving Shepherdess” 66:8; RJ and the quality of things 71:23; Memoir 79:14

DeWitt, J. Mrs. Nash 52:27

Dinsmore, N. “Shakespeare’s Grave” 69:15

Dougherty, D. J. RJ and James Wright 33:7

Drew, E Influence of Ireland on RJ 80:14

Eaton, D. Meeting RJ 69:5

Eberhart, R. Memoir 27:6

Everson, W Proposed collected poems of RJ 31:10; Astrological data 36:7; special issue 93-94

Falck, C. RJ: American Romantic? 84:7

Fox, C. RJ in Canada 92:16

Folkart, R. Ansel Adams 65:33

Frances, S. Wallace Stevens 63:8

Friede, D. RJ opera libretto 73:4

Garcia J. Heideggerian “dwelling” 95-9 6:15; “The Place for No Story” 97:26

Garland, G. Thomas Mann 37:7

Ghormley, W RJ’s ancestry 54:3

Gilliam, H. RJ’s genius 46:37

Gioia, D. “Strong Counsel” 73:4

Gluck, L. “Obstinate Humanity: Hass, Milosz, and J” 91:9

Gotham Book Mart. RJ inscriptions in Alberts’s books 59:3

Hall, I. J family 88:4

Harmsen, T RJ at Occidental College 50:21; RJ’s printers 74:7; Herbert Klein 76:IA, Ward Ritchie 97:16

Hastings, H. (RJ pseudonym) “Artificial Flight” 55:45

Hier, G. Thuban stone 91:28; Shiva and concepts of Hinduism in RJ’s poetry 92:21, “The Great Wound” 95-96:29

Hinkley, V UJ memoir 82:9

Hughes, L. Memoir 55:28

Hughey, B. and R. “J Country Revisited” 98-99

Hunt, T “Hungerfield” 43:12; “To the Rock” manuscript 74:5; “Pearl Harbor” 76:15; Vendler review 77:22; “The Great Wound” and Bennett 79:18; “Sign-Post” manuscript 89:23

Huston, P. RJ’s relevance 71:18

Jeffers, B. RJ’s social graces 100:12 Jeffers D. Corrigenda in The Stone Mason of Tor House 35:4; Kamil Bednar 35:19; RJ portraits 45:7; Building Tor House 53:8; Tor House furnishings 53:18

Jeffers, G. “Vignettes of My Father” 76:6; Tor House social life 100:8 Jeffers, R “Artificial Flight” (as H. Hastings) 55:45; Inscriptions in Alberts’s books 59:3 1 Jeffers, U. Garden 66:16; Ancestry 75:7; Lincoln Steffens 92:42

Jordan-Smith, E Memoir 66:3

Kafka, R. “Brides of the South Wind” 34:9; The Stone Mason of Tor House Corrigenda 51:5; RJ’s published writings, 1907-1153:47; Scholarly materials, small and minor holdings (with M. Mooney) 56:47; “The Remembrance” 72:5; UJ’s published review and articles 95-96:11; “Night” recording 97:10

Karman, J. William H. Jeffers 42:9

Keller, K. RJ’s pace 32:7

Kelso, Dr. William H. Jeffers 43:6

Klein, H. Science 11:2; Science 14:2; Bednar 35:10; Georges Simenon 66:5

Krutch, J. Violence 29:6

Jordan-Smith, P. Memoir 66:3

Landau, R. Krishnamurti 89:7

Lardner, J. “Medea” 60:23

Larsen, S. and R. Joseph Campbell 89:10

Lawrynowicz, Polish translator 50:7

Lehman, B. Memoir 63:12

Levine, P RJ and Spain 91:5

Los Angeles Times. UJ’s auto race 52:7

Luhan, M. “Una and Robin” 81:7

Lyman, W. RJ memoir 34:19

Lyon, H. Photographing RJ 18:2, 88:9; Little people of the Santa Lucias 48:7 Malnar, A. RJ’s hawks 97:31

McAllister, M. “Return” 42:12 McDowell, M. Cawdor 82:5 McHaney, T. “Tamai” and Faulkner 29:16

Marshall, B. J family 69:17

Matthias, B. Phoebe Barkan 54:5; Krishnamurti 67:8

Mauthe, A. “Tamar” 25:8; Inhumanism 26:8

Miner, P. The Alpine Christ 40:3

Mitchell, M. New Critics 91:16; New Critics’ politics 97:8

Mooney, M. Scholarly materials, small and minor holdings (with R. Kafka) 56:47

Moore, ]. “The Beginnings of J” 80:10

Murphy, P. Ursula K. Le Ciuin 72:20

Naiman, S. Miroslav Holub (Czech poet) 75:9

Nichols, B. RJ themes 74:27

Nickerson, E. Rhyme 39:12; Luhan at Yale 41:6; “The Holy Light of J’s Poetry” 47:19; “A Structure of Opposites” 62:6; RJ
poem in Yale collection: “Red …” 72:7

Nolte, W “Fog” 16:2

Nuwer, H. Walter Van Tilburg Clark 44:11

Olson, T Frost, Eliot, and Pound 88:18; “Ossian’s Grave” 89:13

Pascoe, S. “Birth-Dues” 38:6

Payne, J. Humanities Research Center 60:22

Peevey, R. Tao-te-Ching 55:31

Powell, L. Bennett 23:1; Memoir of Dijon 62:10; Diary vignettes on R) 65:7

Quigley, P The Double-Axe 86:8; RJN Web page 97:6

Ridgeway, A. RJ letters 12:2

Ritchie, W Quercus Press 34:15; “J: Some Recollections of RJ” 52:16

Rodgers, C. Checklist of RJ’s poetical writings since 1934 48:11; Tamar text 54:19

Rorty, J. Memoir 27:4

Rothman, D. Gongorism 95-96:18

Rudnick, L. Mabel Dodge Luhan and RJ 49:21

Saxon, W Krishnamurti 67:9

Scharton, M. “Solstice” 54:7

Schwab, A. Craven Betts 57:26; Edna St. Vincent Millay 59:17; Robin Lampson 78:41 Scott, R. World-as-net 38:10; Three RJ poems 44:18; RJ as anti-imagist 63:8; “Solstice” 65:7; The Loving Shepherdess source 73:3; Sterling’s Strange Waters 74:19

Shaffer, E. “Inhabitation in the Poetry of RJ, Gary Snyder, and Lew Welch” 78:28 Shane, C. Hamilton Jeffers 46:41

Shaw, S. RJ and Buddhism 36:8 Smiley, K. Boni and Liveright 92:10

Smith, M. “Night” 90:15

Spier, L. RJ as a fascist 55:36

Steuding, R. “Shine, Perishing Republic” 21:2 Stevens, S. Spiritual legacy 7213

Van Dam. Greek drama 40:9

Van Doren, M. Memoir 27:3

Vardamis, A. Opinion of R]’s peers 69:11; The Faerie Queene 75:11

Vaughn, E. Dear Judas 51:7

Vendler, H. “Huge Pits of Darkness, High Peaks of Light” 77:13

Western Theological Seminary. William H. Jeffers 43:11

Williams, J. Memoir 79:16

Willis, S. UJ tribute 73:16

Wilson, D. Poetry versus prose in “Roan Stallion” 54:14

Zaller, R. The Tower Beyond Tragedy 58:5; Literary influences 69:7; “Tamar” 75:11;Vendler review 78:20

Zorn, J. Medea 90:8

Articles Noted (Selected and representative)
Ackerrnan, D. “RJ: The Beauty of Transhuman Things.” The American Poetry Review (1983) 63:3

Bernheimer, M. “‘Medea’ [Opera] Premiere.” Los Angeles Times (1988) 34:5

Brophy, R. “A Textual Note on RJ’s The Beginning and the End.” Papers of the
Bibliographical Society of America (1966) 16:2; “‘Tamar,’ ‘The Cenci,’and Incest
American Literature (1970) 27:3

Carpenter, F “RJ and the Torches of Violence.” Poetry and Fiction in American Twenties (1964) 7:1; “RJ Today: Beyond
Good and Beneath Evil,” American Literature (1977) 48:3; “Post-Mortem’: ‘The Poet is Dead.”‘ Western American Literature (1977) 49:6; “The Inhumanism of RJ.” Western American Literature (1981) 58:4

Cokinos, C. “If We Can Be Saved: RJ Today and Tomorrow.” North Dakota Quarterly (1989) 77:3

Devall, W. “Currents in the River of Environmentalism.” Eco News (1977) 49:1

Everson, W “Earth Poetry.” Sierra Club Bulletin (1970) 28:2; “Introduction.”
Cawdor/Medea (1970) 25:1, 27:1

Fonza, D. “The Inhumanist and Poet of Violence.” Leviathan (1977) 49:5

Gingerich, O. “The Galileo Affair.” Scientific American (1982) 63:4

Harmsen, T “RJ and His Printers.” Printing History (1987) 73:2

Haslam, G. “Predators in Literature.” Western American Literature (1997) 56:4

Houston, J. “The Necessary Ecstasy: An Afterword to Cawdor.” Cawdor (Yolla Bolly,
1984) 63:7, 64:3, 4

Hunt, T “A Voice to Nature: J’s Tamar and Other Poems.” American Literature (1989) 77:3

Jeffers, G. “Introduction.” RJ A Portrait (Yolla BoIly, 1983) 63:6

Jerome, J. “Roan Stallion.” Writers Digest (1983) 63:3

Keller, K. “California, Yankees, and the Death of God: The Allegory in J’s Roan Stallion.” Texas Studies in Literature and Language (1970) 30:12

Knudson, C. “RJ and Teilhard de Chardin.” (Loban seminar paper, 1970) 25:2

Kurrick, M. “RJ’s Negations: The Dialectics of’Not’ in’The Bloody Sire.”‘ Psychocultural Review (1977) 51:4

Lal, G. “San Francisco’s Bohemia of Yester-year-and Future.” San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle (1980) 56:4

LeMaster, J. “Lorca, J, and the Myth of Tamar.” New Laurel Review (1971) 39:3 Lime Kiln Press. Granite & Cypress (1976) 44:3-6

Lyon, T. “Western Poetry.” Journal of the West (1980) 56:3

McHaney, T “RJ’s ‘Tamai and ‘The Sound and the Fury.” Mississippi Quarterly (1969) 27:3

Meredith, A. “Devolution.” Journal of Theoretical Biology (1982) and CoEvolution Quarterly (1983) 63:5

Miura, T “Poetics of RJ: A Disclaimer of Modernism.” Bulletin of the Faculty of Letters, Hosei University (1977) 51:3

Murphy, P. “RJ’s Macabre and Darkly Marvelous Double Axe.” Western American Literature (1985) 69:4

Nadel, B. “RJ’s ‘Cawdor : The Emergence of Man’s Tragic Beauty.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 46:3

Nickerson, E. “J’s Apocalypse and the ‘Inevitable Place.”‘ Western American Literature (1977) 46:3

Nolte, W “RJ, An Uncanny Prophet.” The Alternative: An American Spectator (1976) 45:3

Porter, J. “RJ and the Poetry of the End.” Antigonish Review (1993) 88:3

Redinger, E. “An Interview with Dame Judith Anderson.” Drama and Theatre (1968-69) 28:2

Rolfe, L. “RJ: The Lost L A Years.” Los Angeles Herald Examiner (1980) 56:3 Rorty, J. “The Ecology of RJ.” Quarterly News-Letter (1967) 28:3

Seidenbaum, A. “RJ’s Poem of Stones.” Los Angeles Times (1978) 51:2

Sessions, G. “Spinoza and Jeffers on Man in Nature.” Inquiry (1977) 49:8, 50:2

Scott, R. “RJ’s Tragedies as Rediscoveries of the World.” Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature (1975) 42:3

Slochower, H. “Hitler’s Elevation of the Jew: Ego-Splitting and Ego Function.” American Imago (1971) 35:2

Starr, K. “RJ and the Integrity of Nature.” Sierra Club Bulletin (1977) 49:4

Van Doren, M. “RJ.” Proceedings, American Academy of Arts and Letters and National Institute of Arts and Letters (1962) 5:2

Vendler, H. “Huge Pits of Darkness, High Peaks of Light.” The New Yorker (1988) 77:13

White, W. “RJ’s Space.” Personalist (1963) 20:3

Zaller, R. “Land and Value: The Ecology of RJ.” Western American Literature (1991) 79:3

Subject Entries
(See also Film, Meta-Art/Ephemera, Music, Photos, Recording, Theater.)
“De Return Natura” (Southern Oregon State College) 43:2
“The Last Conservative” 50:5, 54:2
“Remembering Jeffers” (I layman) 60:2
“Curb Science?” 61:2
Center for Internationalizing English 44:3
Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar for 1988 72:2
The Book Lovers’ Calendar 1991 79:3
1993 Edward Abbey Western Wilderness Calendar 89:3

Medea (Jane Brown Dance C)mpany) 61:3, 65:2, 78:4, 84:3, 87:1

Tor House (Lansdowne) 53:4 Charcoal sketch of RJ on cover of Vintage RJ Selected Poems (Colbum) 89:1. Portraits (Werboff) 83:cover, 85:cover

For The Loving Shepherdess (Jean Kellogg Dickie) 60:2, 66:8
Tor House (Partridge) 64:3

“Renate Ponsold / Robert Motherwell: Apropos Robinson Jeffers at California State University Long Beach, 1981 591
“Impressions of Bohemia” at Pacific Rim Galleries, Carmel, 1986 67:3
“Robinson Jeffers Country: Monterey Landscapes” at Occidental College, 1987 68:3 “RJ: The Man, The Poet” at California State University Long Beach, 1987 (39 photographs of RJ by Leigh Wiener opposite RJ autobiographical poems) 69:1 “Context: A Watercolor Exhibition” at 1993 Carmel Jeffers Festival (McRae) 88:1

Kelmscott Manor 47:1 “George Sterling’s Death” 48:2
“A Letter from UJ” 60:2
In No Small Measure (Beilke) 60:2
“Robinson Jeffers and Religion” 69:3, 83:1
Granite and bronze for Tor House (Yost and Scott) 64:2

RJ commemorative (Sindelar) 36:1 Kamil Bednar commemorative (Sindelar) 38:2

“Where I?” (Point Blank Mime Troupe) 61:2

RJ figure, WPA project at San Francisco Beach Chalet 56:6

Occidental College Centennial art exhibit 68:3
“Storm Dance of Sea Gulls” at California State Poly College, 1970 (Loughran) 26:4 Watercolor exhibit 88:1

Photo Books
Not Man Apart (Sierra Club) 3:1, 4:2, 12:1, 30:7-9, 31:1, 32:1, Arrowood Press reprint 69:4
Jeffers Country (Lyon) 29:1, 30:4, 9
The Primal Alliance (Brower and Kauffman) 42:3, 47:3
Headlands (Brower and Kauffman) 47:3, 48:2
Catalog of exhibit at California State University at Long Beach, 198159:2
The Wilder Shore (Baer) 69:3

Apology For Bad Dreams (Linden) 67:2
Impressions of Bohemia 67:3
Shine, Perishing Republic 71:2
Point Lobos (Koch and Bussche) 71:4

Big Stir coast headlands photo 30:9
“Cassandra” (Kirwan) 39:8
“How Beautiful It Is” (Moe’s Book Shop) 48:19
“Joy” 53:5

“Birds and Fishes” in glass (Steuben Glass) 2:1
Bronze hawk (Harth) 41:1
Bronze hawk (Downs) 64:2
Tor House key (replica) 64:2

“The Journey” (Kirwan) 39:6

“Tragedy Has Obligations” (Clough) 36:4
RJ head with hawk wings as poster (Baddock) 38:1, 83:1
Hawk and initials for RJ: The Man and His Work (Rockwell Kent) 52:22
Carmel hills (Landacre) 52:22
Tower (Landacre) 52:24, 74:12
“First Book” (Landacre) 52:21, 74:11
Woman mounting stallion (Landacre) 65:2
“A Little Scraping” (Coombs) 74:15
Roan Stallion (Wilsirom) 82:2

“The Condor” 52:4
“Practical People” 63:3

Cook Books
Sincerely Yours (Bess Boardman, compiler, Grabhorn Press, 1942; includes RJ’s recipe for kidney and mushroom stew) 74:10
Tea at Tor House (Tor House Foundation) 86:2

The Eiger Sanction 40:2
Place For No Story (public television ecological documentary) 38:1 Zandy’s Bride 40:2

Gift Shop at Tor House
Unicorn brass faucet, Hawk Tower book ends, laminated bookmarks unicorn cards poem broadsides, poem paperweights, seed packets, and garden potpourri 91:2

Greeting Cards
Christmas greeting from Gleeson Library Associates (reprint of RJ’s poem “Only an Hour” and reproduction of UJ’s silver unicorn brooch) 21:1
The Journey triptych reproduced (Kirwan) 4Z:3
Tor House card (Lansdowne) 53:5

Family, Friends and Poetry (Quintessence Publications) 58:4

“Jeffers Country: A Literary Map” (Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald Beach” 54:1, 58:3, 6 I 1

Neck Ties and Cosmetic Bags
With Hawk Tower design (Talbott) 53:2

Plaques on live oak trees in Saratoga, California, honoring RJ and Robert Frost 51

“Be Angry at San Pedro” (Locklin) 64:3

Post Cards
Photo profile of RJ (Musemail) 41:1
“Be Angry at the Sun” (Hamper) 89:3

Postage Stamps
U.S. Postal Service eight-cent commemorative: RJ profile (Lyon) 35:1, 36:1, 38:2 46:3, 47:2
Stamp cancellation, Carmel Post Office, October 2, 1987, commemorating RJ’s centennial 71:3

“Beaks of Eagles” on Beach Boys Holland 38:1

Student Art
California State University at Long Beach RJ seminar final projects transcribe J themes into various art forms: acrylic, dance, decoupage, macrame, mobiles, organ and guitar music, oils, and watercolors 39:2

RJ profile (Lyon) 47:2

The Journey (Kirwan) 42:3

Academy of American Poets 48:18
American Academy of Arts and Letters 4:3, 5:2
American an Library Association 7:1, 27:1 American Literature Association 78:5 ,79:8, 83:2,4, 84:2, 85:1, 89:2, 92:3 Bibliographical Society of America 16:2
Bohemian Club of San Francisco 53:4
Bollingen Foundation 2:2, 4:2
Book Club of California 73:2, passim
California American Studies Association 89:1
California Association of Teachers of English 63:3, 92:3 California Historical Society 53:5
California Studies Association 78:5, 88:3
Central California Conference of Teachers of English 45:2 Conference on Christianity and Literature 43:2
Gleeson Libarary Association 19:1, 21:1, 25:1
Grolier Club 1:2, 7:1
Henry Miller Library (Big Sur) 92:1
Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 92:5 Jeffers Studies Advisory and Editorial Boards 87:3
Labyrinth Theater 12:1, 17:1, 18:1, 21:1
Modern Language Association 46:2, 48:3, 81:3, 92:3
National Council of Teachers of English 55:2
National Institute of Arts and Letters 5:2
Northern California Teachers of English 45:2
Poetry Society of America 24:1
RJ Association 85:1, 86:2, 89:3, 92:2, 97:4; Listserv 92:3; Web page 97:6
RJ Committee/National Council 1:1, 5:2, 6:2, 30:8, 42:1
RJN Editorial Board 26:7
Robinson Jeffers Society (San Francisco) 18:1
Roxburghe Club 60:2, 48:18
Sierra Club passim, especially Not Man Apart 49:1
Tor House Foundation 84:3, 86:2, 88:2; Board 53:2
Western Literature Association 81:3, 84:2
Zamorano Club 6:2, 48:18. 56:4, 60:2


“Distinguished Fellow,” RJ Tor House Foundation (Douglas Downs bronze hawk)
1979: Everson 52:1
1980: Brophy 57:2
1981: Powell 59:1
1982: Carpenter 62:2
1983: Caldwell 64:2
1984: Zaller 65:2
Jane & Henry Hoppin Fellow
1982: Nolte 62:2

Tor House Poet/Scholar in Residence
1984-85:liedin 65:1
1986-87: Docson 96:2
L. C. Powell for Distinguished Scholarship
1996: Brophy 97:4
Selected Poems (1966) 26:5

Tor House Key
1982 Ridgeway 62:2
Honorary Doctorate, Occidental College
1983: Dame Judith Anderson 63:2

(For annual bibliographies, see PMLA and WAL.)
Primary Sources
Alberts, Bibliography (reprinted) 15:1
Brophy, Prose of RJ 46:14
Harmsen and Bennett, RJ translations 19:2
Jeffers bibliography proposed 1:1, 2:1, 6:1
Jeffers D., RJ in foreign translation 24:3
Kafka, Published writings, 1903-11 53:47
Lawrynowicz, RJ Polish translations 50:7
Rodgers, Checklist of RJ’s poetical writings since 1934 48:11-24
White, RJ checklist, 1954-65 (The Serif) 20:3

Secondary Sources
Boswell, RJ and critics 1912-83 69:5, 70:3
Brophy, Dissertations at Occidental College Library 24:1; Theses at Occidental College Library 25:4; Scholarly Resources (series) 33:11
Etulain, Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Western American Literature65:3 Nolte, Checklist of RJ 26:1
Vardamis, Critical Reputation of RJ (1972) 34:3, 83:2

Biographical Materials in RJN
(See also sequential list, 87:26; biographers Bennett, Cronon, Karman, and Stegner; entries in library handbooks, 64:6-7; and psychological readings listed in Themes.)
Barkan, P “J Family” 53:26
Brinnin, M. “An Awkward Meeting” 66:4
Brophy, R. “Murphy Masterbuilder” 78:24; “UJ and Mabel D. Luhan” 77:25
Carpenter, B. “J Family” 69:17
Cerwin, H. “Notes on RJ” 33:3
Chaplin, C. “Chaplin on Jeffers” 37:2
Commins, D. “Poetry & Politics” 72:10
Cooper/Klein M. Jeffers Observed 61:7
Dewitt, J. “Mrs. Nash of Hermosa” 52:27
Dickie, J. “RJ: Remembrance” 79:14
Eaton, D. “Observations on Meeting” 69:5
Eherhart, R. “Tribute and Appreciation” 27:6
Everson,W “Astrological Note” 36:17; “Everson on J: A Sighting” 97:19 Ghormley, W “Lineal Data of Joseph Jeffers” 54:3
Hall, I. “Life at Tor House” 88:4
Harmsen, T “RJ Student at Occidental” 49:21
Hinkley, V “Memoir” 82:9
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lngam County. “UJ: A Note” 75:7
Jeffers, B. “A Sullivan-Doyle Perspective” 100:12
Jeffers, D. “Note on Tor House” 42:6; “Portraits of RJ” 45:7; “Some Biographical Corrigenda” 35:4; “Some Notes on Building Tor House” 53:8-18; “Tor HouseFurnishings” 53:13 Jeffers, G. “Poem Source Anecdotes” 84:4; “Vignettes of My Father” 76:6 [“Foreword” to RJ: A Portrait] 63:6]; “A Window into the J Social Life” 100:8
Jeffers, U. “Tor House Planting” 66:16
Jordan-Smith, P “Reminiscence” 66:3
Kafka, R. “Stone Mason: More Corrigenda” 51:5
Karman, J. “Note on William H. Jeffers” 42:9
Kelso, C. “Eulogy: William H. Jeffers” 43:6
Klein, H. “Simenon: Quasi-Encounter” 66:5
Klein, M. Jeffers Observed 61:7
Landau, R. “J and Krishnamurti” 89:7
Larsen, S and R. “Joseph Campbell and RJ” 89:10
Lehman, B. “Recollectons and Reminiscences” 63:12
Luhan, M. “Una & Robin” 81:5-32
Lyon, H. “J as Subject of Camera” 18:2, 88:8; “Little People of Santa Lucias” 48:7 Lyman, W “Memoir” 34:19
McWilliams, C. “Adamic and Jeffers” 86:1
Matthias, B. “RJ and Krishnamuro” 67:8
Moore, J. “Beginnings of Jeffers” 80:10
Powell, L. “RJ and His Garden” 80:4; “Two Diary Vignettes” 65:7
Ritchie, W “Some Recollections” 52:27
Rorty, J. “Memoir” 27:4
Rudnick, L. “M. D. Luhan and RJ” 49:21
Schwab, A. “J and Millay” 59:17
Shane, C. “Hamilton M. Jeffers”46:41
Times, L.A. “Una Kuster’s Road Race” 52:7
Van Doren, M. “Memoir” 27:3
Western Theological Seminary. “W H. Jeffers: 43:11
Williams, J. “In the Poet’s Path” 79:16
Willis, S. “A Memoir” 53:30

Books by RJ
(See also Poems by RJ, Printers/Special Printings, and University Microfilms International: Books on Demand, 43:4, 48:3, 50:3.)
The Alpine Christ and Other Poems (Everson, editor) 34:2, 36:3, 38:2
Apology for Bad Dreams (Linden) 67:Z, 70:3
The Beginning and the End 1:2, 2:1, 3:1, 3, 16:2, 20:2
Brides of the South Wind (Everson, editor) 34:9
Californians (Everson, editor) 30:10
Cawdor: The Narrative Poem by RJ (Yolla Bolly Press) 64:3, 4, 70:.3 Cawdor/Medea (New Directions) 25:1, 27:1
The Collected Letters of RJ and UJ (Karman, in progress; Stanford) 76:3, 78:6, 82:4
The Collected Plays of RJ (Vaughn, in progress) 46:3
Collected Poems of RJ (proposed) 1:1, 6:2, 31:10
The Collected Poetry of RJ (Hunt, editor) 70:3
Dear Judas and Other Poems (Brophy, editor; Norton) 42:2, 45:4, 49:2 The Desert (Cheney, printer; Dawson’s Book Shop) 47:3, 48:21
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(See also Biographical Materials, Books Reviewed/Described, and Articles.)
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On Audio Cassettes
Brophy The Works of RJ 41:6, 43:3
Everson RJ 4 3: 3

Books Reviewed/Described
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Centennial, 1887-1987 (See also RJN 66-70)
Supported by an NEH grant, Occidental College completed a year’s spectrum of events involving a fall 1986 lecture series, including a panel with Klein, Powell, and Ritchie; an undergraduate essay contest: “The Relevance of RJ in 1987”; a fall semester English Department Jeffers seminar with a Big Sur field trip; a January 1987 symposium on the poet’s birthday, featuring scholars from across the country; a traveling exhibit to 11 libraries of RJ editions and memorabilia; a Clapp Library Jeffers Collection exhibit of manuscripts & first editions, a Coons Center art exhibit of Monterey-Carmel-Big Sur landscapes an evening panel of renowned poets Everson, Milosz, and Snyder; a Reader’s Theater presentation of poems read by Occidental alumni and alumnae; an evening of dance featuring Jane Brown Company’s Medea; a May premiere of Occidental College musicologist Richard Grayson’s “Continent’s End,” a cantata on RJ’s poems “Tor House,” ” I be Bloody Sire,” “Joy,” “Birds,” and “Continent’s End”; publication of a student booklet of explications opposite RJ poems, Ijl: Poetry & Response (see also Chapters of Books Noted and Explications); an anthology of articles from the first 25 years of RJN-Robinson Jeffers Newsletter: A Jubliee Gathering; and the RJ: Poet Centennial Exhibition booklet of 47 pages.

The Centennial was also celebrated with a joint Carmel and San Jose State University fall festival (70:1) and special issues of American Poetry (70:5), The American Poetry Review (71 :1), The Library Chronicle of the University of Texas at Austin (71:2), and The Quarterly Newsletter of the Book Club of California (71:2). Also, the Sierra Club’s 1987 Engagement Calendar featured quotes from RJ’s poems (67:1), and Poetry LA featured the Charles Bukowski potent tribute, “Jeffers” (70:4, 72:30).

There were programs and exhibits at the Library of Congress (69:2), California State University Long Beach (69:2), University of Utah (69:4), Virginia Wesleyan College (69:2), and the Gleeson Library, University of San Francisco (67:2), as well as a traveling exhibit of Leigh Wiener’s RJ photographs (77:4).

Books published: Shine Perishing Republic (Linden), 71:2; Point Lobos (Koch and Bussche), 70:5 5; RJ, Unterjochte Erde: Gedichte (Hesse), 70:3; RJ: Selected Poems: The Centenary Selection (Falck; Carcanet), 70:3; Where Shall I take You To: The Love Letters of Uand RJ (Kafka; Yolla Bolly), 69:3; The Enduring Voice: An Interpretation of the Life and Work RJ (Dotson), 70:3; RJ: Poet of California (Karman), 72:4; and Rock and Hawk: A Selection of Shorter Poems by RJ (Hass), 71:11 and 77:13.

Chapters of Books Noted
(Selected and representative)
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Vickery, J. In his The Literary Impact of the Golden Bough 49:7
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Zaller, R. “The Giant Hand: William Everson on RJ” in Perspectives on William Everson 83:2

Article Chapters in 11 Collections
RJ: Poems and Contemporary Commentary. Long Beach: California State University, 1979 (53:2—13 poems, six respondents, and 13 explications; S. York: Excerpt from “Margrave”; T. Ressler: “Shakespeare’s Grave,” “Roan Stallion”; R. Ballister: “Natural Music,” “A Redeemer”; L. French: “Science,” “Shine, Perishing Republic,” “The Treasure”; R. Peevey: “Love the Wild Swan,” “Signpost,” “Hurt Hawks”; R. Brophy: Introduction, “Tamar V,” “Salmon-Fishing.”

American Poetry, Fall 1987, special issue (70:5)-T. Beers “RJ & The Canon”; E. Hesse: “Poetry as a Means of Discovery”; W. Everson: “Letters on J”; D. Morris, “The Practical Importance of Jeffers”; J.Hollander: “On J: An Interview”; W. Stafford, J. Haines, R. Morgan, G. Haslam, R. Peters, E. Chappell, and B. Adcock: “On Reading Jeffers.”

The American Poetry Review, November-December 1987, special issue (71:2)-RJ’s ‘Home’, A Recently Uncovered Poem” (336-line narrative, originally intended for The Women at Point Sur), with introduction and notes by T. Hunt; R. Hass: “On J’s Life and Work.”

The Library Chronicle of the University of Texas at Austin, Number 40, 1987, dedicated to RJ (71:2)—D. Turner: “RJ at Texas” ; R. Kafka. “Unpublished Manuscripts in the RJ Collection at the HRHRC”; E. Nickerson: “Freedom, Democracy, and Poetry: What RJ Really Said at the Library of Congress.”

RJ: Poetry and Response, A Centennial Tribute. Los Angeles: Occidental College, 1987 (71:3)–10 poems and seven respondents; B. Nichols: “To the House’: Ecologic Authenticity “: B. Salzman: “‘Continent’s End’: Cycle & Equinox”; D. Kartub: “‘Divinely Superfluous III, Beauty’: J’s Love of Landscape”; S.Coombs: “‘Fog’: Nirvana Rejected,” “’Hands’: A formal Reciprocity”; L. Maddox: “`Still the Mind Smiles’: Vantage Points”; D Shuff: ‘”Evening Ebb’s: An Ambience,” “‘The Hanged God’: Prophet of the Self-­Tortured God”; J. Heuter: “‘Boats in a Fog’: Beauty as Participation,” “‘Shine, Perishing Republic’: A Patriot’s Lament”; R. Brophy: Introduction, Bibliography.

Brophy, R., ed The RJ Newsletter: A Jubilee Gathering 1961-1988. Los Angeles: Occidental College, 1988 (75:2)–Preface; Introduction; RJ: “Whom Should I Write For?” H. Klein: “The Poet Who Spoke of It”; K. Bednar: “RJ in Czechoslovakia”; H. Lyon: “Jeffers as a Subject for H. Lyon’s Camera”; R. Brophy: “Tor House Library: J’s Books”‘ M Van Doren, J. Rorty, and R. Eberhart: “Three Memoirs of RJ”; R. Brophy, “Topography and the J Narrative Scene”; W. Ritchie: “Theodore Lilienthal, RJ and the Quercus Press”; E. Nickerson: J. Scholarly Materials: Library of Congress”; M. McAllister: “Meaning and Paradox in J’s T. Hunt: “The Interactive Voice of J’s ‘Hungerfield'”; R Brophy ” The Prose of RJ: An Annotated Checklist”; C. Rodgers: “Checklist of RJ’s Poetical Writings Since 1934”; E. Vaughn: “‘Dear Judas’–Time and the Dramatic Structure of the Dream”; D. Jeffers: “Some Notes on the Building of Tor House”; P. Barkan: “The J Family as I Knew Them”; R. Kafka: “RJ’s Published Writings, 1903-1911”; “UJ, Correspondent: Letters to Hazel Pinkham, 1912-1920”; Czeslaw Milosz: “To Robinson Jeffers”; L. Powell: “Delicieuse Ville, Melancolique et Douce: Dijon, 1930-32”; B. Lehman: “Recollections and Reminiscences”; D. Gioia: “Strong Counsel.”

Zaller, R., ed. Centennial Essays For RJ. Newark: University of Delaware, 1991 (78:8) Introduction; H. Gregory: “Poet Without Critics: A Note on RJ”; R. Zaller: “RJ, American Poetry, and a Thousand Years”; A. Vardamis: “The Critical Reception of RJ”. R. Boyers: “A Sovereign Voice: The Poetry of RJ”; T. Hunt, “Different Throats … One Language: The Voice of RJ”; D. Morris: “Reading RJ: Formalism, Post-Structuralism and the Inhumanist Turn”; W. Everson: “Prefaces to J”; Coffin: “Bricolage and J’s Narrative of the Twenties”; R. Butterfield: “Loving to Death: A Consideration of the ‘The Loving Shepherdess”‘; R. Brophy: “The Emasculation Syndrome among J’s Protagonists”; D. Hymes: “Jeffers and Native American Poetry”; F. Carpenter: “The Verbal Magnificence of RJ”; E. Nickerson: “The Politics of RJ”; C. Milosz: “RJ.”

Soldofsky, A., ed. Quarry West, Number 27, RJ: A Symposium. Santa Cruz: Porter College, University of California, 1990 (78:14)-). Houston: “Necessary Ecstasy: An Afterword to ‘Cawdor’”; C. Kiser. “RJ”; D. Gioia: “The Coming J Revival”; T. Beers: “RJ’s Post Modern Poetry”; P. Murphy: “RJ’s Heroes: Divided and Resisting”; T. Hunt “Once Upon a Manuscript”; S. Blumenthal “Notes from a Filmmaker’s Journal”; D. Wakoski: “RJ: American Socrates”; A. Soldofsky: “Anti-Modemism and a Thousand Years”; K. Hearle: “An Interview with William Everson.”

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(See also Exhibits, Manuscript Collections, Printers/Special Printings.)
1:2 San Francisco Public Library
6:2 Alabama
19:1 Gleeson Library Associates of the University of San Francisco (Brophy)
19:2 Translations
20:3 The Serif
23:3 Translations
26:4 Bartlett collection of Jeffersiana at California State Polytechnic College
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53:5 The First Editions of RJ 53:5
67:3 Collecting Jeffers
69:2 “RJ: The Man, The Poet” photo exhibit at California State University Library, Long Beach

Collectors Corner/Booksellers
(See also Printers/Special Printings and Checklists)
Collectors Corner
26:7 (proposed); 31:1, 32:1, 35:2 (Mohr); 41:4 (Serendipity Books); 43:5 (Hayman); 44:3 (Magee); 44:6 (list of rare book dealers); 45:5; 47:4; 50:3; 55:2 (Argonaut Bookshop offering three Millay letters to RJ and UJ); 58:1 (Gotham Book Mart catalog featuring Alberts collection); 58:1 (more on Argonaut Bookshop Millay letters); 60:1; 83:1 (broadsides and keepsakes for sale); 89:2 (reader interest)

See antiquarian booksellers directories, especially for Northern and Southern California. Examples: Argonaut, Argosy, Bennett & Marshall, Dawson, Gotham, Howell, International Bkfinders (Mohr); Johnson, Joseph the Provider (Sipper); Win Pieper, Sand Dollar, Serendipity (Howard), Spencer Moore.

Colleges/Universities/High Schools
(A sampling; see also Checklists, Exhibits, Festivals, and Manuscript Collections.)
California State University, Hayward 53:4
California State University, Long Beach 39:2, 41:2
Free University, Salt Lake City 26:5
Hosei University (Tokyo) 20:1
Monterey Peninsula College 24:2, 25:2
North Texas State University 40:2
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San Francisco State College 16:1, 18:1
Southern Oregon College 20:1, 43:1
University of California at Berkeley 4:2
University of California, Santa Cruz 41:2
University of Kansas 41:2
University of San Francisco 25:1
University of Utah 39:1

Presentations in High Schools
39:1, 42:4, 43:3, 47:1, 69:4

3:2 E Drew, SUNY Buffalo
4:1 J. Hart, University of California, Berkeley
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52:3 E. Fitzpatrick-Grimm, Monterey Community College
53:4 University of California, Berkeley
53:4 E. Fitzpatrick-Grimm, Tor House Foundation
58:3 E. Fitzpatrick-Grimm, Monterey Peninsula College
86:3 R. Brophy, California State University, Long Beach
88:14 R. Brophy, California State University, Long Beach

39:2 Senior seminars in RJ at California State University, Long Beach
95-96:2 Asilomar conference for teachers

(See also Theses)
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The Stone Mason of Tor House 35:4, 51:5

(Representative only; see also Checklists, Festivals, and Manuscript Collections.)
1: 1 Occidental College
1:2 San Francisco Public Library
1:2 Grolier Club
2:1 Steuben Glass
8:1 San Francisco Public Library
16:1 For RJ’s 80th birthday
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62:2 Tor House Foundation and Gleeson Library, University of San Francisco
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65:3 Occidental College Library (Wiener)
68:3 Occidental College
69:2 Library of Congress
69:2 California State University, Long Beach (Wiener)
91:1 Harrison Memorial Library, Cannel

(See Poems by RJ; see also Guide to American Poetry Explication, 82:3)
“Birth-Dues” 38:6
“The Bloody Sire” 36:2, 51:4
“Cawdor” 82:5
“Crumbs or the Loaf’ 31:8
“The Double Axe” 86:8
“Dear Judas” 51:7
“Fog” 16:2
“Give Your Heart to the Hawks” 31:2
“The Great Wound” 79:18, 95-96:29
“Hungerfield” 43:12 “Hurt Hawks” 88:18
“The Loving Shepherdess” 73:3
“Medea” 33:4, 60:23, 90:8
“Night” 37:6, 90:15
“Ossian’s Grave” 89:13
“Pearl Harbor” 76:15
“The Place for No Story” 97:26
“Return” 42:12
“Roan Stallion” 30:12, 34:11, 63:3
“Second-Best” 40:7
“Shakespeare’s Grave” 69:15
“Sign-Post” 39:10, 8913
“Shine, Perishing Republic” 21:2
“Shiva” 92:23
“Salmon-Fishing” 35:6
“Shine, Perishing Republic” 21:2
“Solstice” 54:7, 65:7
“Tamaw” 25:8, 31:3, 75:13
“To the Rock That Will Be a Cornerstone of the House” 74:5
“The Tower Beyond Tragedy” 58:5

Carmel, First Series
5:1, 6:1, 24:2 (lst, 1969)
25:2, 26:4 (2nd, 1970)
28:1, 30:1 (3rd, 1971)
31:1 (4th, 1972)
35:1 (5th, 1973)

Carmel, Second Series
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79:2, 80:1 (13th, 1991)
84:1 (14th, 1992)
86:1,88:1 (15th, 1993)
90:2, 92:1 (16th, 1994)

To celebrate RJ, besides the October festivals, the Tor House Foundation has also annually held a May garden party and, more irregularly, a panegyric early in the year.

Southern Oregon State College (1975) 43:1
California State University, Long Beach (1979) 51:3, 52:2
Steinbeck Library, Salinas (1982) 581, 61:3
Occidental College (Centennial, 1986-87) 67:1, 68:2, 69:1
San Jose State University (1987) 70:1. 71:1
Henry Miller Library, Big Sur (1994) 92:1

(See also Television, Theater.)
“An American Poet” (University of Utah) 24:2, 30:1
“Cawdor” (Czech) 69:5, 75:3, 76:3
“‘The Creative Person: RJ” (same as “Give Your Heart to the Hawks” and “The Creative Person: RJ”) 16:1, 18:1, 25:2, 26:5, 30:1
“Don’t Pave Main Street” 86:2, 97:14
“From the Tower” 33:2
“Give Your Heart to the Hawks” (later titled “The Creative Person: RJ” and “RJ”; San Francisco College Poetry Center) 16:1, 18:1, 25:Z, 26:5, 30:1
“Hawk Tower and Tor House” 92:5
“Longtimers: Senior Artists of the Monterey Peninsula: Pan 1” 92:4
“The Loving Shepherdess” 56:6, 75:3
“Medea” (“Play of the Week,” 1959) 52:3
“Medea” (Kennedy Center) 77:4
“Medea” (public television interviews) 64:2
“Place for No Story” 38:1
“Point Lobos” 67:2
“Rhapsody and Requiem” 12:1, 13:1, 16:1
“Roan Stallion” 76:3
“Robinson Jeffers” (same as “Give Your Heart to the Hawks” and “The Creative Person: RJ”) 43:1
“Rock and Hawk: The Life of RJ” 76:3, 77:4
“Son of Sad Fall: The Poetry of RJ” 2:3, 30:7
“Tor House: Lines from RJ” 52:5, 58:3

RJN Indexes
46:14 “The Prose of RJ: An Annotated Checklist”
50:2 Index to English-Language Little Mags, 1890-1970
63:31 “An Index to the Poems of RJ”
64:16 “Index to First Lines of RJ’s Poems
73:2 Index to Jeffers Manuscripts at the University of Texas (in progress, Kafka)
73:Supplement “An Index to RJ’s Published Poems, Their First Appearances, and a Directory to Their Manuscripts”
86:25 “An Index to Articles Appearing in RJN Nos. 1-86”
87:23 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Books Reviewed or Noted”
87:26 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Biographical Materials”
87:28 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Manuscript Collections”
87:29 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Letter Series”
87:31 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Memoirs”
87:32 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Obituaries”
87:33 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Dissertations”
87:35 “Index, RJN Nos. 1-85: Masters Theses”

41:5 The Proof Directory of Periodicals Publising Bibliographical and Textual Studies
41:5 Scholars Market 41:5
42:4 American Literary Scholarship: An Annual/l973 42:4
50:2 Serials Review
62:3, 67:4 The Literary Criticism Register


(See also “Literary Influences,” 67:9 and “Tor House Library,” 23:4; check Vardamis’s Critical Reputation of RJ, 34:3, Boswell’s RJ and the Critics, 70:3, and Thesing’s RJ and a Galaxy, 95:3 for books and articles; expect theme comparisons in various dissertations, e.g., Lucas, 77:6, Gundy, 77:8, Dickson, 77:9, Rothman, 86:6, and Edwards, 77:10.)

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(Selected and representative; see also Articles Noted and Chapters of Books Noted.)
Adkison,S. “William Blake and RJ: Poets of Apocalypse” 92:2
Bednar, K. In Brataslava 14:3
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‘Thurso’s Landing” 92:2
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From RJ
Aperitif. Many Helens; not a pessimist 80:13
Alberts: Book inscriptions 59:3
Betts: 1931-32 57:26
Burnett and Slatkin (editors of American Authors Today, 1947): On “Hurt Hawks” and “Promise of Peace” 84:5
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From RJ, mentioned in sellers’ catalogs
Clapp: Two letters 50:3
Roberts: On “The Women at Point Sur,” 1937 63:29
O’Sullivan: On the death of Molly 63:29
Anonymous author and anti-bomb activist: Too late to renounce A-bomb, though a wicked thing, March 22, 1946 63:29

From Una Jeffers
Anderson: 1941-50 65:8
Bird: 1932-42 76:19
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Carpenter: 1943-45 69:19
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O’Sullivan: ca. 1935-38 63:18
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From Una Jeffers, mentioned in sellers’ catalogs
Caldwell: Did he take the “turret key”; future designs for tower and house 50:3
Forster: On Cornwall and Land’s End 56:3
Pinkham: About RJ’s desk at Tor House and “Tamar” manuscript 74:2

Manuscript Collections (See also sequential list, 87:28.)

Preliminary survey 4:3
Proposal for series 33:11
Small and minor holdings 56:47
American Literary Manuscripts (Modem Language Association) 51:55
Alabama, University of 33:13, 46:42
Brooklyn Public Library 37:11
California: California State University, Long Beach 39:21; University of California, Berkeley (Bancroft Library) 34:7; University of California, Santa Barbara (Corle Collection and Judith Anderson Papers) 54:29; James S. Copley Library (La Jolla) 84:23; Mills College (Albert Bender Collection) 47:29; Occidental College 44:21, 62:35; San Francisco, University of (Gleeson Library) 43:18, 64:7; Stanford University 42:15, 47:28; Tor House Foundation 54:29, 56:45, 65:31
Columbia University 58:32
Library of Congress 40:17
Maryland, University of 58:35
New York Public Library (Berg Collection) 48:24
North Carolina, University of 38:17
Texas, University of (Austin) 30:9, 45:13, 60:22
Virginia, University of (Barrett Library) 26:6
Yale University (Beinecke Library) 35:7, 36:11, 41:6

Maps in RJN
30:14 Jeffers Country (Brophy)
53:24 Tor House and Hawk Tower property
53:25 Ocean View-Scenic Road-Stewart Way city block
56:24 Lake Washington abode, 1913
61:41 “Jeffers Country: A Literary Map” (Fitzgerald and Beach); described 54:1, 58:3
86:24 proposed Tor House expansion (UJ)
98-99:Cover: “A Map of the Carmel Coast” (Powell and Ritchie); 98-99:7-8 Big Sur Coast (UJ); 98-99:35 “Jeffers Country” (Brophy); 98-99:Insert “Jeffers Country” (Hughey)

82:2 California maps (U.S. Geological Survey)
92:6 “Coastal California” (National Geographic)

Memoirs (See also sequential list, 87:26; Letters; and Biographical Materials.)

Barkan, Phoebe. “The J Family as I Knew Them” 53:26
Brinnin, Malcolm. “An Awkward Meeting” 66:4
Chaplin, Charlie. “Chaplin on Jeffers” 37:2
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Rorty, James. Memoir 27:4
Van Doren, Mark. Memoir 27:3
Williams, Jean. “In The Poet’s Path” 79:16
Willis, Stanley. “A Memoir” 53:30

Age study of artists 48:2
American Literature on Demand Reprints 48:3, 50:3
Asteroid named after Hamilton J 45:1
Astrological note 36:7
Beach Boys Holland: RJ lyric 38:1
Bednar, K. Our Garden: Our Friend 91:3
Big Sur Coast National Scenic Area 56:2
Bohemian Club (San Francisco) 53:4
Book of Gaelic Airs (Ritchie) 75:2, 77:2
Brown, Governor Jerry: RJ “one of the few authors important to him” 45:2
Bus tours of Big Sur 52:4, 53:4, 56:2, 58:2
Caricature of RJ, David Levine style 82:Cover
Cassette Studies/Curriculum 49:8, 62:3
“Coast-Road” (Highway 1) washout 63:1
Concordance (Miles) 64:3
Death and Dying Workshop Series (California State University, Long Beach) 46:2
Directories: A Directory of Periodicals Publishing Bibliographical and Textual Work 45:3; Serials Review 50:2; Index To English-Language Little Magazines, 1890-1970 50:2
Earthday X Colloquium at University of Denver: Jeffers theme 56:3
Essay competition for undergraduates at California colleges and universities 69:4 Fieldtrip 88:14
Films: The Eiger Sanction 40:2; Place For No Story 38:1; Zandy’s Bride 40:2
Humor by RJ 12:5, 69:5, 72:7, 82:1
Illustrations by RJ 77:2
Iris, a long narrative poem in the style of RJ (Jarman) 84:1
Jeffers, U. M.A. Thesis, May 1910, University of Southern California: “The Enduring Element of Mysticism in Man” 50:4
“Kennedy Center Tonight: Medea” (1983) 63:2
Legends in Carmel 92:6, 7
Library at Tor House 23:4, 53:2
Melodeon: A Book of Gaelic Airs 75:2, 77:2
Menu: “RJ’s Lamb Chops” 79:2
Microfilms of Carmel periodicals from Bell and Howell 47:2
Monopoly game based on RJ topography and story-telling 86:3
Monterey/Carmel/Sur in books 43:4
Monterey Conference Center RJ Plaza 50:2
Mural (WPA project) with RJ, San Francisco Beach 56:6
Narratives by RJ (unfinished) at University of Texas 45:14 Opera libretto by RJ 73:4
Oral history: Sara Bard Field 33:13
Our Garden: Our Friend (Bednar) 91:3
Pico Blanco Mountain almost leased as lime quarry 72:2
Plaques on live oak trees in Saratoga, California, honoring RJ and Robert Frost 53:3
Poets Respond to RJ: The Wings Still 62:2
Powell, L. C.: checklist of his published writings 40:2
Recipes: Sincerely Yours 74:10
Schlesinger reads “Shine, Republic” to NATO Nuclear Planning Group 42:1
“Shingle Shaking” fund raising parties for Tor House 56:2
Stationery: Lansdowne 53:5
Ties and cosmetic bags with Tor House design (Talbott) 53:2
Tor House Docents: Slides (Miles) 71:3; Tea at Tor House 86:2; Brochure 52:4
Tor House Inscriptions 75:2
Tor House sign: “Not at Home” 21:1
Tour of “Jeffers Country” 30:1
Tours of Eire 83:3, 86:1
Work in progress: 3:2 Rorty book; 8:1 RJ/Sterling correspondence (Hart); 41:6 RJ’s style (Scharton); 46:3, 47:4 “Point Alma Venus” (Kafka); 56:5 The Drama and Theater of RJ (Vaughn); 56:5 Bibliography of RJ’s works (Be ilke); 56:5 The Excesses of God (Everson); 56:5 “Medea” (Whitehead); 58:4 “The Heart and Rage of RJ” (Wolfe); 73:2 Index to University of Texas RJ manuscripts (Kafka); 81:2 RJ and Mary Oliver (Glaser); 82:3 “Reactionary Humanism: the New Critics’ Response to the Poetry of RJ” (Mitchell)
Yolla Bolly Press 64:4, 66:2, 67:4
Zeitlin Lecture Series (California State University, Long Beach) 53:4