Jeffers Studies

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Jeffers Studies (ISSN 1096-5076) is a peer-reviewed scholarly annual published by the Robinson Jeffers Association and is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography. The journal features:

  • full-length essays on the work of Robinson Jeffers and related topics
  • archival materials relating to Jeffers, the Jeffers family, Tor House, and Jeffers Country
  • book reviews, notes and brief items of interest to members of the RJA

This site archives back issues of Jeffers Studies and its predecessor, the Robinson Jeffers Newsletter:


Scholarly essays should be between 5,000 and 9,000 words. Shorter manuscripts on topics related to Jeffers, typically up to 4,000 words, are also acceptable. Submissions by email attachment, in Microsoft Word format, are preferred. Submissions and queries can be sent to

The author’s name should appear on the initial page of the manuscript only. The five-volume The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (Stanford University Press) is the preferred source for quotations from Jeffers’ poetry, and the three-volume The Collected Letters of Robinson Jeffers, with Selected Letters of Una Jeffers (Stanford) is the preferred source for quotations from Jeffers’ letters.  In citing the Collected Poetry, please use the abbreviation CP with the number of the volume, and for the Collected Letters, please use the abbreviation CL with the number of the volume.  (If your circumstances make using these sources impractical, please contact the editor, using the email address above, for advice.) Formatting should follow the MLA Handbook, ninth edition, with parenthetical citations, notes, and works cited. Standard 12 Point Times New Roman font is preferred.


  • A subscription to Jeffers Studies is included with membership in RJA.
  • An institutional subscription to Jeffers Studies is available for US$50. For information, contact: or Treasurer, RJA, 5140 Cutty Way, Las Vegas, NV 89130


Jim Baird & Whitney Hoth

Editorial Assistant

Paula Karman

Founding Advisory Board

Charles Altieri
Albert Gelpi
Dana Gioia
Robert Hass
Mark Jarman
Brenda Jeffers
Lindsay Jeffers
Thomas Lyon
Scott Slovic
Gary Snyder
Diane Wakoski