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The Robinson Jeffers Association (RJA) is a not-for-profit organization whose members read, discuss, study and teach the work of one of America’s greatest poets, Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962). The Association publishes a journal, Jeffers Studies, holds an annual conference and offers a wide range of resources for scholars, critics, teachers, students and general readers. Please join us – all are welcome.

Benefits of Membership

Jeffers Studies: Members receive an annual subscription to Jeffers Studies.
Conferences: Members are eligible to present papers at RJA conferences.
Grants and Funding Opportunities: Members are eligible to apply for small research grants for scholarly projects related to the life and work of Robinson Jeffers. The RJA also offers a limited number of travel grants to help graduate students and junior faculty attend its conferences.
RJA Announcements: All members receive regular email notices of RJA events and news related to Jeffers and his work, as well as information about RJA business, including upcoming elections.

We hope you join us and we look forward to meeting you and corresponding.

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