LCP Award

The Lawrence Clark Powell Award
Lawrence Clark Powell (1906 – 2001) was an early admirer of Robinson Jeffers’s poetry. He became a friend of Jeffers and his wife, and wrote the first book-length study of Jeffers, Robinson Jeffers: The Man and His Work (1934). During the rest of his long life and career as a writer, librarian and bookman, he was an indefatigable supporter of Jeffers, and gave advice and encouragement to many young Jeffers scholars. The Lawrence Clark Powell Award is presented in his honor by the Association in recognition of outstanding service to the legacy of Jeffers and his work.
1996: Robert Brophy. Editor of the Robinson Jeffers Newsletter, 1968 – 1996; author of Robinson Jeffers: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol in His Narrative Poems.
2002: Tim Hunt. Editor of the 5-volume Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers.
2014: Norris Pope. Former Director of Stanford University Press. Responsible for making SUP the foremost publisher of works by and about Jeffers, including the Collected Poetry and the Collected Letters.
2016: James Karman. Editor of the 3-volume Collected Letters of Robinson Jeffers, with Selected Letters of Una Jeffers.
2018: Robert Zaller. Author of The Cliffs of Solitude: A Reading of Robinson Jeffers and Robinson Jeffers and the American Sublime.
2020: Robert Kafka. Managing editor of Jeffers Studies, research scholar, and editor of Where Shall I Take You To: The Love Letters of Una and Robinson Jeffers.