RJA’s David J. Rothman Publishes Two New Books of Poems

David J. Rothman, Immediate Past President of RJA,  recently published two new books of poetry. The Book of Catapults, from White Violet Press, and Part of the Darkness, from Entasis are available on Amazon.com. Of the former, poet Chris Ransick writes, “These poems disarm me. I come to them like any reader might, ‘bowing to the terrible world,’ only to find Rothman whispering ‘Now you must give up those cares for charms.’ Through it all, these fine poems set me to shivering with recognition and laughing aloud at the many and varied ways the poet turns his wry plow at the end of a line’s furrow. Rothman has tremendous control of music, tone, and angle of approach to his subjects, proof ‘A man knows how to sing/when he has to.'”  Of the latter, poet Dana Gioia writes,  “What impresses one first about David J. Rothman is his immense imaginative and intellectual range, but the more one reads his striking and exuberant poetry the more deeply one feels its emotional force and quiet but genuine ferocity. He is an Apollonian touched by the divine madness of Dionysus. Diverse, demanding, and delightful, his poems abundantly reward the reader’s attention.”  Click here to purchase The Book of Catapults and here to purchase Part of the Darkness.