George Hart Publishes New Jeffers Study

Congratulations to George Hart on the publication of Inventing the Language to Tell It: Robinson Jeffers and the Biology of Consciousness.  James Karman, editor of The Collected Letters of Robinson Jeffers writes, “The mind–body problem, faced anew by the best thinkers in every age, grew ever more complex in the twentieth century as a result of revolutionary discoveries in biology and physics.  As George Hart demonstrates in this brilliant, original, and essential book, no modern poet probed the mystery of consciousness more deeply than Robinson Jeffers, whose “sacramental materialism” outpaced even the boldest conjectures of neuroscience.” Tim Hunt, editor of The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers writes,  “George Hart’s Inventing the Language to Tell It develops a significant new paradigm for engaging the poetry of Robinson Jeffers.  By treating the central puzzle in Jeffers, the nature of consciousness, as a biological and environmental matter rather than a philosophical or psychological one, he clarifies the nature of Jeffers’ modernity, defines its significance both for an understanding of Anglo American poetry in the first half of the 20-Century, and establishes its continued significance for the dynamics of environmental literature.”  For more information go to the Fordham Press website. You can preview the book at