News from Tor House

We’ve received some sad news from Tor House. Since our conference in February 2010, we have lost Tey Roberts, John Courtney, and John Hicks. All lived rich lives which included deep involvement with Jeffers, and we will miss all of them.

Vince Huth, the Tor House Foundation President, also sends along this news:
The Tor House Foundation just received a digitally remastered 1967 Robinson Jeffers Documentary video link from Alex Cherian, Film Archivist from the SF Bay Area TV Archive to view. The publicly available film link Rhapsody & Requiem – The Life of Robinson Jeffers is now available to view online It will also be linked from the Tor House Foundation’s website. Use the full screen mode of your computer for best viewing. Enjoy this very fascinating video!

Thanks to Vince for working closely with RJA on our conferences and for informing us about events and developments at Tor House.