I. Constitution: All activities of the Association must be in keeping with the Constitution of the Association.

II. Membership: Membership in the Association is accorded upon written application to the Executive Director and upon payment of the annual dues established by the Association.

III. Officers: The Officers of the Association are a President, a President-Elect, an Executive Director, and a Treasurer. In addition, an Advisory Board serves the Association, consisting of three elected members and four ex officio members, namely, the immediate Past President, the Senior Editor of Jeffers Studies, a member named by and representing the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation, and a member representing the Jeffers family. The Advisory Board may add another elected member whenever the total membership of the Association exceeds one hundred.

The President shall serve a three-year term of office. Candidates for President may be nominated by any member of the Association. The President shall be elected by a majority vote of members returning ballots. The President presides at meetings and convenes a meeting of the Officers and Advisory Board preceding the annual meeting of the Association, and addresses the membership in the RJA Bulletin, published in Jeffers Studies. The President shares responsibility with the Executive Director for planning and implementing programs sponsored by the Association on an on-going basis.

The President-Elect shall be elected not less than one year prior to the expiration of the President’s term of office. The President-Elect shall assist the President and the Executive Director as necessary and share in the program planning for annual and special meetings, shall preside in the President’s absence, and shall become President at the conclusion of his or her predecessor’s term. Candidates for President-Elect may be nominated by any member of the Association. He or she shall be elected by majority vote of members returning mail ballots.

The Executive Director is appointed by the Officers and the Advisory Board and serves a three year term that may be renewed. The Executive Director shall oversee the regular business of the Association, handle correspondence, and record the minutes of annual meetings. In addition, the Executive Director shares responsibility with the President for planning and implementing programs sponsored by the Association on an on-going basis.

The Treasurer is appointed by the Executive Director and serves at his or her pleasure. The Treasurer shall keep a register of members and their addresses, manage the treasury, and may authorize particular expenditures of up to $500. With the consent of the elected Officers and the Advisory Board, the Treasurer may disburse larger expenditures within the limits of available funds. The Treasurer shall submit annual financial statements to the appropriate state and/or federal agencies as required under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Elected members of the Advisory Board are nominated by any member of the Association. Advisory Board members are elected to a three-year term by majority vote of members returning mail ballots, one member elected every year to replace one whose term is ending The Advisory Board helps plan annual meetings, aids the Officers in carrying on the business of the Association, and serves as a nominating committee for Officers and Advisory Board members. Of the initial three members elected to the Advisory Board, one shall serve a three year term; one shall serve a two year term; and one shall serve a one year term. These terms shall be assigned by lot.

IV. Meetings: The Association shall hold an annual meeting at a site selected during the previous year’s annual meeting. The Association sponsors panels and special sessions at appropriate conferences and conventions.

V. Journal and Bulletin: The Association sponsors the semi-annual journal Jeffers Studies through the purchase of subscriptions for each member with a portion of the annual dues and through liaison between the journal and the Advisory Board of the Association. The senior editor of Jeffers Studies is an ex officio member of the Advisory Board. The Bulletin is the official publication of the Association, and is published in Jeffers Studies. The Bulletin shall contain announcements concerning meetings and other business of the Association.

VI. Amendment of the Bylaws: Changes of a minor nature in these bylaws may be effected at the annual meeting of the Association by a two-thirds majority of the members present. Amendments concerning organization, structure, membership, or substantive business of the Association shall be submitted by mail or through the Bulletin to the entire membership of the Association and shall require approval by two-thirds of the members returning ballots. All proposed amendments must be circulated among the entire membership at least one month prior to the annual meeting or mail deadlines.

VII. Dues: The dues are set by the Officers and the Advisory Board and are understood to cover a period of one year.