The Second RJA Annual Fund Appeal: Goal $3,000

Like all non-profit organizations, the Robinson Jeffers Association depends on memberships and donations of time, expertise, and money to survive.  Indeed if it were not for the donations of countless hours of administrative work and the financial generosity our board and friends, we could not do what we do.

Our modest goal for this year’s annual fund is $3,000. Click here to join us in strengthening our organization.

Click here to read President David J. Rothman’s annual fund letter for a summary of RJA’s accomplishments this year.

How will this money be spent?  There is far more that we can do to advance our mission and keep our organization strong.  Among other things:

  • We still pay our conference keynote speakers far less than we should, which means we are always asking for favors;
  • In a time of shrinking travel budgets, we have limited funds to help students and junior faculty travel to our events, which means that every year there are some who cannot attend;
  • Our excellent journal, Jeffers Studies, is healthy but could always use greater resources;
  • We cannot advertise our conferences and journal to a larger audience;
  • We cannot pursue special projects and events as much as we would like, such as presentations of musical pieces inspired by Jeffers and productions of his plays;
  • We do not have the funds to accomplish greater outreach for new members;
  • We have now built a strong website, but of course it needs maintenance.

These are just some of the ways in which we would use the funds you give to us, and of course, as we are a 501c3, your gift is fully tax-deductible and our books are transparent.

So, as the year draws to a close and you consider your own charitable balance sheet, we hope that you will keep the RJA in your mind and help us to reach our modest goal for this Annual Fund of $3,000.  Your gift will make a significant difference in our fortunes.  I assure you that the funds will be used to advance programs that put Jeffers’s poetry into the hands of readers and to help us to attract the sustained attention that this great poet deserves now more than ever.

Donation Levels:
Gray Hawk $25
Peregrine  $50
Red-Tailed Hawk $100
Golden Eagle  $250
Bald Eagle $500
Condor $1,000
Other: _______

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