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      Eva Hesse, Jeffers’ official German translator and sometime correspondent, was a major figure in German translation of modern English-language poetry. She was the approved translator for Ezra Pound and a major German critic of his work. She also translated T. S. Eliot, e.e. cummings, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, Archibald MacLeish, Langston Hughes, and Robert Frost.

      Her translation of Medea was performed all over Europe, perhaps more frequently than the original in the U.S. Her translations of “The Tower Beyond Tragedy” and The Cretan Woman were widely performed. Her bibliography runs to a couple of pages, mostly in German. Here are four pages on her Pound scholarship.

      But I’m telling you all this because she wrote a 20-page essay on Jeffers (Akzente, 30:5, pp. 423-446, “Die Exzesses von Robinson Jeffers”). My German is less than rudimentary; I really want to read this essay. Surely there is a Jeffers scholar with reasonably solid German who could translate this essay and perhaps submit the translation to Jeffers Studies?

      What little I can find in English suggests that Mme. Hesse is still alive, though she would be 92 and suffered a stroke a few years ago. I doubt if she would be wiling to undertake the translation herself. Publication permissions should be discussed at her web site, I think. There is a contact link:

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